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My background is steeped in photography. I studied the History and Criticism of Art with a side of black-and-white film photography in University. With the ultimate goal of wanting to be an Art Director of a magazine. Going into an industry that was shrinking, not thriving, pushed me in a different direction, but, ultimately, I found my way back behind the camera. My technical background gives me the freedom to capture you in your element no matter the lighting or situation. 

Born in Boston. Raised in Florida. Lived in Italy. Settled in NYC Metro with my Ironworker husband and our little kiddos. 

Woah, that’s a lot. But when someone asks me where I am from, that’s the typical answer you’ll get. I’m a Boston girl at heart, but I’ve grown to love the Rangers (that’s it for NY sports, sorry!). New York is my home, and I love exploring this little piece of the world. I have my favorite spots to photograph in, but I love to explore new places. Let’s book somewhere new!

You’re still reading this because you really want to know the answer to this question: “What if I’m awkward in front of the camera?” or “What if no one cooperates during the shoot?” or “Ugh, I really dislike my photo being taken.”

I get it, I really do. But one of my repeat families said the below to me when they got their photos back.

“You always turn what I thought was a lack of effort from the family

into the most amazing pictures!”

People are tricky, and my goal is to connect with each individual. From the most skeptical of adults to the tiniest babes, I will meet them where they’re at that day. Sometimes we’ll just chat for a bit to get comfortable. Maybe I’ll let your little one snap a photo of ‘mom and dad’ so they can see the process and not be intimidated by the big box I’m hiding behind. Perhaps you think you’re too goofy to be photographed - this is simply not true, please attempt to prove me wrong. 

Bottom line: We’ll have fun and you’ll get to treasure some great memories for years to come.


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